Hi all and thanks for visiting. This blog is to show the world what myself and others involved in this project are up to.

But what is this project, you ask?

I recently decided to attempt to build a fully functional wind turbine out of commonly found, inexpensive materials. The reason for doing this is twofold:

1. To show the community around us that it is relatively simple and cheap to build something that can ultimately provide free energy.

2. Promote the building of these miniature wind turbines in underdeveloped countries to provide power for things such as hot plates and lights. Hot plates because everyone in the world needs to eat, and don't deserve to get lung cancer from the fires inside their huts. And lights because the a large social factor preventing people from advancing is the lack of education -> and lights at night allow people, specifically children, to do things as simple as their homework.

So this is just a start. We need help building. We need help educating. We need to figure out a more concrete community goal, and how to distribute the idea. If you want to get involved, we want you to get involved. Any help is good help, so please don't hesitate to contact!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tom gets involved, and new bearing hubs!

So my wicked roommate Tom, a ticketed carpenter from the UK, decided to get involved in the project.  Him being awesome, he has decided to take on the entire manufacturing of the blades!  They are coming out beautifully, and this project couldn't be coming along any better.

I also dropped by the UBC machine shop and my good friend Erik was able to donate 2 bearing hubs from a used trailer, which we'll be able to use as bearings for both turbines!  Thanks Erik for the material and for the laughs!

So we're still trying to find a way to get the Vancouver community at large involved, either through donating this project to Scienceworld once its complete, or through some kind of community educational installation.  Please help us out with ideas!  Anything will be helpful!  

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  1. hey jean maybe BC Hydro might do some like corporate sponsorship thing?